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Boosting all of my lewsposting and domme flirting is something very good girls do and will be rewarded.

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Heads up! I am a femme domme and get off on teasing and toying with submissive femmes, especially over the internet.

I love to tease, flatter, and toy with. It is supposed to be in interests of D/s. If you ever dislike what I am doing please tell me. I am not out to harass the unwilling and sometimes can misread a situation.

lots of love.

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I have returned and plan on devolving into constantly lewd and thirst posting.

CW trans woman lewds, domme teasing, kink stuff. I set my account to all sensitive.

If you aren't into that I totally understand.
If you are then I am *very* excited for your feedback. :black_sparkling_heart: 💜 :heart_lesbian: :heart_trans:

Share with your friends until I become so popular and then the trolls find me again and my insecurity overtakes me and I go wholly private and cry lots... for a while. haha

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I am trying to reason with the fact that my indignant rage is almost ancestral at this point and yet my hands are as bloody as ever.
Does anyone else have mornings like this or I am extra crazy today?

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Am I wrong to believe we have always punched up at the easy target of the bourgeoise while ourselves feasting on the sweet sins of cheapest, fastest, & most sanitized before outcrying how the quality of staff and shop we never support has withered and died?

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I am having a moment this morning. For the most part we have known for my entire lifetime that globalized marketplaces to your doorstep and mechanized corporate consolidation has been the machine that is feeding the Ouroboros of capitalism it's tail right?

bdsm, breeding, reader focused microfic 

Mistress is going to put you in this pretty collar and cuffs and lock you up tightly.

Then she is going to slowly ride your face until she is ready.

This muzzle fits you so snugly! it is a perfect fit to keep you quiet now.

You only get to whimper as I ride you as hard or slow as I want, bare inside me, until you give me all that warm fertile seed.

(and I cannot emphasize this enough)

Who has been on this huge breeding kink lately? Me.
Jeez. Want the nut so bad right now.


I want to continue lewds but I hot a bad spot a week or so ago. Soon though. I am on the upswing

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Here's a hot take:

If you attempt to make a joke and it upsets someone, just fucking apologize instead of gaslighting them into thinking it was their own fault by telling them "it was just a joke"

Because it literally does not matter if it was a joke or not, you upset someone and you're in no position to blame the victim for it.

mh(----), transphobia, self harm triggers 

What is worse is I saw that shit hours ago and while it kicked me in the gut then, it slow burns me till I'm about to call a hotline just so somebody can talk me off this ledge.

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mh(----), transphobia, self harm triggers 

1.5 years into my transition and I still want to bleed out in a bathtub every time I see some deeply transphobic shit. I have so much strength and ego until that comes out and then all I want to do is kill myself.
That is what they want and it works, I see the "subliminal" messages and it doesn't change the fact it works.

if you are going to share that shit CW it. Just because it's your lulz doesn't mean it doesn't make me want to honestly kill myself.

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Before taking your pet goth to the park at night, MAKE SURE to put a reflective vest on them. Car drivers can't see well and need all the help they can to avoid your precious screamy baby

lesbian flag rant 

Everyone is now realizing the creator of the “inclusive” lesbian pride flag is hella bi-phobic and excludes them. 🤬
Nobody is remembering the effort Emily has put for butch/dykes, he/him lesbians, and trans lesbians though.

If you wanna make a better flag than hers you need to at least hit her bar of inclusion and hopefully do better.
That means if your flag excludes the gender diverse & butch then you taking us back. There already is a “lipstick” lesbian pride flag.

Welp. it happened. I am back on fetlife now. This is my life 😈

discussing bongs 

I have been lowkey obsessed with getting a bong. I used to have bongs but it has been a long time.
I want a really nice one though, and that is approximately 200USD I could not br spending.

Part of me is like “omg these look so amazing” and the other part is like “You don’t smoke that much weed girl, you want it for the status symbol”

But look at how sexy these are. I want one of these

Today has been a rollercoaster emotionally.

Good morning to all my lewd friends!
What trouble shalt we get up to today? I plan on lots of new moon cleaning and being exceptionally kinky

I… I am becoming so gay for womem that it is interrupting my ability to function. Send help… and by help I mean kinky ladies.

Holy bananas. was listening to some backlog of The Dildorks podcast and sister role-play came up and my brain refuses to deviate from thinking about it now

ranting, casual misogyny in furry 

I am really tempted to try and start some women+nb spaces in local furry but also too afraid to deal with the drama/bs that will ensue

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