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Toot! v1.4.1 is out! This is just a quick bugfix release.


What's new:

* Instances running Pleroma should now work again. You may need to remove and re-add the instance, or reinstall the app, to make sure everything goes back to normal.
* Zooming should work again on images now.

Who woke up thirsty AF today? ME ME ME. I’m about ready to go furcon cruising at this point

You know what I want?
Livejournal ‘99
I want to longform write about my feeling and days and have my mutuals post Garbage Day references in reply

Have you ever been in a crowded furry con and still felt alone? What is that?
I’m literally sitting a foot from a good friend and surrounded by a whole community of peers and I’m looking around like... I’m so lonely and alone. What the hell? How?

I think maybe this is a manifestation of something else. I’m not sure.

Somehow i coined Consensual Douchbaggery and NonCon DouchBaggery or NCDB for short earlier in the night...
And hours later I am still giggling about it

Sorry not sorry for all the WWE toots. I really 💜💕💜 the new women’s division. There is so many great wrestlers and matches now. They still have some divas but they are giving women a big shot.
The women’s Rumble is match of the year.

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I don’t know. I just can’t stop staring at Becky Lynch’s ass during this PPV. I’m normally not that type but today I am? Jeez

It’s hard to enumerate how much joy cyclic fashion trends brings me. I’m wearing jeans almost up to my rib cage like it’s ‘95 and it’s the best.
I am so hype for late 90s early 2k “techno bubble fashion” to come back. That’s going to be my moment in the sun.

I have this giant LiveJournal-esque dump of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences recently and I’m highly unsure if I should post it somewhere or just leave it in my journal

‎I am legitimately confused. I had no idea they were still making hardcore this good. This double album is hype

Weapon of Choice by Nosferatu itunes.apple.com/us/album/appr

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I want to learn to tuck. I’m lazy and never do it but I have major bulge dysphoria

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OH: I managed to get three down before I was like, ohh boy

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This is a gay test. Just want to make sure the gay is allowed.

I recently just friended ¡¡¡two!!! squirrels here! I love you all but all my fellow squirrels get an extra dose of love!

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Good morning everyone! I hope you stay warm and have a swell day today! Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️🐿️🌺

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