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Being a furry is just a way to get your friends to send you pictures of your favorite animal

*cry for attention thinly disguised as me trying to be moderately amusing/insightful*

I don’t understand why the chemicals in my head decided it’s time to have a bad time.
I just got a great sale for some weeds, I’ve finally gotten my coffee, andgonna see friends and the screaming has started

this is me and my siblings at any holiday event with my family.

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Today in the internet;
I’m watching people half my age talk about how forced sterilization and birth controls will inevitably be implemented in the US as we grow to high in overpopulation and resources becomes strained.
I forget they still do that in China sometimes

I have been on this kick of going to stores instead of ordering everything online.

It’s actually brought a lot of enrichment to my life because unlike before I work from home and it’s a little too easy never to get out.

I also forgot how nice the shopping experience can be, seeing all the fun stuff and also having those. Oh yea that moments.

I almost got wrecked at a Michaels.

Haha. I’m tempted to try and do something like a “in store 2019” where I always buy locally in store.

All of my Marxist friends keep telling me to seize the means of production...
I just learned how to make my own McRib at home, does that count?

PS homemade McRib is so dope

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I want to write more things in Rust but sometimes it's hard to justify the effort of writing something in rust over other languages with more simplification for the tasks I need to do.

CMON now who DOESN'T need the juul holster? You even need your vapes to be tac.

This internet callout culture has to stop. I'm feeling so attacked right now

The side effect of my favorite browser plugin "Cookie Auto-Delete" is that I am now AMAZING at reCAPTCHA picking. Having fresh cookies all the time triggers the angriest modes of recaptcha

Being trans gives you the stupidest intrusive thoughts redd.it/a5iixy

Since everyone is talking about Jim Carrey;
Does anyone find it weird that the documentary about how Jim character acted though the entire shoot of Man on the Moon like a jackass got better reviews than the source movie did?

a really cool thing you can do for trans girls (and other trans girls) is to just hang out doing nothing except taking care of each other. It can be platonic, make tea and have a few hours of quiet reading time.
I think this is good partly because it reminds us that A, it's good to spend time together just recharging our batteries
B, it's good to relax and have no expectations of each other. ime, that feeling does not come naturally to trans women. it can feel like we owe something.

How many times in your life do you find yourself sitting in the emergency room parking lot playing Pokémon Go and trying not to cry?
You should savor these moments >_>

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