people need to stop saying "send toot" -- it is "make toot"

free instance name if you want to start one:

hello everyone, I am the host of popular legal podcast "Mike Ditka"

why does, the largest of the instances, not simply eat the other instances

undeniable fact's:
~ Hitler founded Atheism
~ pee is stored in the ball's
~ "AR-15" stands for Assault Rifle-15

I have ‘God’s Plan’ stuck in my head but instead of going onto the next word Drake just gets stuck on ‘they wishin and wishin and wishin and wishin and wishin and wishin’ forever

@AliceAvizandum I’m still somehow on my first Twitter account so this is a protest vote for me

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I basically think of Mastodon the same way I think of the DSA - a hopeless but well-intentioned thing that might accidentally scare the depraved bastards in power into doing things magically better

you're all going to regret not having signed up to a funnier-named instance

there is nobody I won't call daddy and the police can't stop me

Ello still send me a desperate email asking to get back together every month

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