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dip me in pickle-brine and throw me to the transbians

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Goose Game, indigenous peoples 

The goose honks at AGDQ are cute but don't forget this bit from the credits


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lewd shitpost 

smoking a pipe of catnip to attract some pussy

kink shitpost, caps, implied yelling..? 

Domme... Domme... Dom-me... Dom... me... Dom me... Dom me. Dom me..! Dom me! Dom me!! DOM me!! Dom ME!! DOM ME!! DOM ME!!! DOM ME, GODS FUCKING DAMMIT!!! :bowsette_blonde_angry: 😭

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its been (lewd) 

living at your parent’s place is rough y’all, lol

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a brief summary:

- the bushfires in australia have burned over 10,800,000 hectares of land, nearly double the area of the past eighteen years of californian fires combined
- the air quality in canberra (australia's capital) is the worst of any city in the world, causing a woman to die of respiratory issues in the airport before ambulances could arrive
- the morrison government is completely negligent, making infuriatingly naive comments about the cricket and asking for donations to the liberal party in a time of national crisis
- the murdoch owned media is spreading misinformation, pinning the blame on arsonists and the greens instead of acknowledging the true causes
- 28 people and millions of animals have died, either from the fires directly or from smoke inhalation

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kink shitpost 

the irony ofc is this post was, itself, just a symptom of my procrastination from writing

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Heathen stuff, upg 

trans catgirls have been twice-blessed by Freyja, btw

kink shitpost 

Why people think I want a Domme: For fun kinky sex

Why I actually want a Domme: To make me focus and write consistently so I'll actually finish something that's longer than a short story, fuck! 😭😂

and fun kinky sex after :blobblush:


and second... a lewd! 'cause why not? :blobhug: :blobkissheart:

1st ig?

heyy i'm Asherah. I'm an Ashkenazi, transbian, anarchist from "Australia".
I'm a MUA (not v good yet tho),
I write stuff from Heathen poetry/prayers, to original fantasy/scifi fics, and erotica.
My fave music genres (broadly) are edm, metal, hiphop, rock, & punk. I wanna study electronic mixing and composing.
My fave games are RPGs (F:NV's #1)
Some of my fave cartoons are Adv Time, SU, SVtFoE, AtLA, Gravity Falls

feel free to hmu, I love to make friends :)

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