[James Thompson of @Subterpod@twitter.com voice] London. The medium apple. Gogmagog's arsehole. Used to be the greatest city in the world, but now there's like spooky bones and shit.

fucked up that I have to think for a minute trying to figure out whether people are talking about the Dilbert Guy or the Parks And Rec guy when either of them is mentioned

Seeing all the "Loot Crate is filing for bankruptcy" news and I'm upset that all of the outlets are too cowardly to have their headline be "Loot Crate's Bubble Has Funko Popped"

I've been informed that 48% of people chose to save Chloe at the end of Life is Strange which is basically proof that people who choose to save the bay in Life is Strange also voted for Brexit

Anyway, I quite liked "John Wick: Chapter 2" but also I didn't because there wasn't a conclusion to it? Also, it's inconsistent because John Wick says he's retired but then the next scene he's not retired? What's all that about? Please Remember To Comment Like And Subscribe

"I find the relationship part of the story to be unrealistic" oh and the part where a man shoots lasers out of his eyes and the part where a man fights with an invisible man rather grounded? ok then

"In this show, this character wants to kill this other person, but right at the beginning, he calls him a saint. This is inconsistent" yeah no one says things sarcastically or ironically ever good catch man

Being a youtuber that reviews stuff on subscription services like netflix seems like the easiest job in the world because you can find fault in everything if you ignore things like "the plot" or weird arcane concepts as "what a cliffhanger is"

People are going hogwild over this hog thing

My favourite thing when a meme is happening is that the context becomes impossible to search because you have like a million people goofing off about the new meme thing.

just saw this thumbnail on youtube and this has extremely "bigger than before" energies to it

Actually, this could apply to any cardistry move

I have no use for an anti-faro. I have no need to do this complex move whatsoever.
(sees someone do some cardistry and perform the anti-faro flawlessly)
well fuck

Avril Lavigne Three Day Blue Egg Coffee: Bigger Than Before

pissed off that I finally get the courage to post some selfies and find out that all I needed to be popular was post some big eggs or whatever the fuck

(people with good intentions try to inform me that my data is being sent to Russia)
oh yeah? well I hope the Kremlin is excited to know that I'm hot as fuck

What's the German word for "Joy at seeing people on the facebook page for the local newspaper ripping into the tory hoping to become the next local MP"?

new twitter sucks because I only got two likes on my selfies and it should have been a lot more imo

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