I'll be using the stories feature in Instagram for stuff I'll see at the Blackpool Magic Convention this weekend so check me out at instagram.com/somethingafal (or not whatever)

Black tigers are a black "designer" deck of cards by the way. Not literal tigers

Someone on the train is fucking about with black tigers making it really obvious that they're a magician

Gonna spend around 4 hours on a train on valentines day lads

rip dead mow five. said a gamer word on twitch and died of being mad online about his twitch ban

(Dr Nick voice) Son Goku is Goku? What a country!

"are you joking about using bing?"

Bing's rewards system just gave me a £5 Tesco gift card for using bing for 6 months, so jokes on you pal.

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) ) )
) ( ) )
\ / _
\ i’m / |
\ gay /____|
\ /

I think glitters georg is the biggest consumer of glitter

hoo boy, my twitter timeline being filled with threads about gic waiting times isn't doing good for my brain :)

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