Just finished reading @TheJerx@twitter.com's "The Amateur At The Kitchen Table". Great read about approaches for amateur performances of magic. Love the fact that the pronouns for the Amateur Magician is she/her 💖

they let jedward back on twitter so long as they stopped being horny about taylor swift

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If you are a girl online, you're a girl in real life

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boost if you see your kink

eating ass
thigh highs
getting gendered correctly
anime tiddies
free healthcare
dril tweets
garfield 2 a tale of two kitties
a world without stephen crowder
destroying white supremacy
eating ass but with a friend
free hrt

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Extremely cool to ask work what the taxi arrangements are for the Christmas do for weeks and being told "we'll figure it out later" and then finally being told last minute that I have to be the driver for the night :)

Thinking of making a social network called mat jones

I'm being taunted by a phantom notification on my tweeter. I go to my notifications and there's nothing there but I go out and the notification is still there. I hate this.

why is todd scraeming "BUY SKYRIM" outside my house? show yourself, howard. i will never buy skyrim

Yeah that cow is pretty big I guess

JD Sports is short for Jongo Dorts Sports

J.D. from Scrubs was short for Jongo Dorts

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