I hope Chiitan kicks John Oliver's ass

It's games of throne season which means 90% of conversations in this office will end up being about whichever character fucked a dragon or whatever who cares

Scientist: We've found out that chimps: eat bananas, can create tools with their hands, can walk on two legs etc
Guy in the scientist's replies: So basically.. literally everything a human can do? Are you saying that all humans are chimps? Doesn't sound very scientific to me...

Who set the facebook machine translator to "Welsh, but super passive aggressive"? (It should say "Thanks for the greetings!")

more things:
- pirate lady should already be unlocked
- just remove the spiders actually now I think about it
- you should be allowed the jetpack when you start the game
- the jetpack can run forever
- the ghost shouldn't kill you and instead you should be able to smooch it

here's my take on the "easy mode" debate. I think spelunky should have an easy mode. also:
- remove jungle section of the game
- remove the dark levels and the spider levels
- infinite bombs and ropes
- shopkeep that doesn't blame you for getting spat on by a snake or something

today is some kind of copypasta on cheating? some kind of "they targeted gamers. GAMERS" shit?

awfully bold of you to fly the Amazon Prime blimp on a year that has been not very prime thus far

Nearly got pranked by Chiitan on April Fools Day but luckily I know better 😉

I've been mainly avoiding twitter today and I will be mainly avoiding twitter tonight. Thanks

waiting for parliawint to tweet for me to understand this clusterfuck

someone on World Bath Day: "Yeah, but when is World Toilet Day?"
Richard Herring from the shadows: "It's November 19th"

I once pitched an article called "Gabe Newell Is A Libertarian" to @ohnovideogames@twitter.com but all I had was a poorly made photoshop of Gabe's head onto Wario so it got rejected for being Too Low Quality

Does the gamer dress come in my size? Don't answer this because I already know the answer is no

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