the fucking bridging app won't repost my tweets properly ugh

Pigs recorded using tools for the first time ⚡️ “Pigs recorded using tools for the first time” by

(watching a video where they're showing a cross-section of a larynx)
Yeah, that's one fine looking larynx
(shoves a webcam down my throat to see mine)
wHuY gLoSeNt *gag* MiNnE *gag* gLoOk LiEk ThAt *gag*

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If trans voice training youtubers made a "how to make bread" video it would be 5 minutes of "you definitely don't use a flamethrower on your ingredients" with 55 minutes of "extremely detailed explanation of how yeast works"

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*circles "become goth" on a whiteboard*

(James Thompson from voice) OK first things first I'm going to have to explain to you all that Dark Water (2002) was a documentary.

Trans culture is going "haha! that's me!" while pointing at a vehicle that says something like "MaxTrans". Cis culture is going "haha! CIStern!" while pointing at a toilet.

Still waiting for kanye to release his video game tbh

Tweeting this preemptively because we all know it's going to happen given what's happened so far

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Well, I'd like to see ol BoJo wriggle his way out of THIS jam!
*Boris wriggles his way out of the jam easily*
Ah! Well. Nevertheless,

(the guy who made a video of his wife falling down a cliffside a few months ago sees the cyberpunk name tweet)

"I'm Cliff Wife"

Fun thing I found out today: The most popular method to solve a Rubik's cube quickly was invented by Prof. Jessica Fridrich, a trans woman
Another fun thing: In an attempt to own an 11-year-old trans boy who was seen to play with a Rubik's cube, someone in r/GC brings up Fridrich

The reason why people don't like Vibrams is that they're unashamedly an extremely horny shoe. This suggests that Crocs are the most horny shoe. In this essay I will

The greatest trick Joker's Trick ever pulled was getting 20,000 people to follow a Ricky Gervais fan account

I love that one the most popular (by usage.. not by any other means) web forum for magicians have fucking terrible rules where "saying fake thumbs are a thing that exist" is a bannable offence but "literally posting white nationalist propaganda" isn't

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